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Embrace Your Family With Confidence

Welcome to the National Association for Single & Divorced Families.
Mom leaning in and touching her forehead to her sons

You aren't in this alone.

We know how overwhelming and exhausting it is, trying to navigate all of the changes and needs of your family. NASDF is here to help, in any way we can. With us, you will find a collected pool of resources, services and products, including daycare providers, telehealth services, divorce mediation networks, career services, support groups and blog posts, just to name a few.
Father holding his infant daughter in a park

We're in This Together

You may be only one parent trying to build the best life for your family, but there are millions in the same place you're in, right now. Connecting single parents and families with a community, a network of support, and services to help ease the burden is the focal point of our association.
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Father holding his infant daughter in the park

Better Help Makes Stronger Families

We can't navigate all of the challenges, but we can provide you with tools and resources you'll need along the way. From our behavioral health services, with three free sessions upon enrollment, to our patient advocacy network and links to outside therapy and support groups, we are here to help.

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